Set of 2, Bent Industrial Angle Shelf Brackets Flat Black Powder Coat

Size: 3.5 H x 3.5 D
Sale price$15.00


Set of 2

Made to fit MULTIPLE LUMBER Sizes. Please refer to size chart below to determine what size you need.

**** No boards or shelves are included. ****

Fits standard sized boards.

This shelf bracket is Powdercoated to last your everyday use and look fresh. Easy upkeep! Each bracket is reversible and has 4 mounting holes apiece to hold your shelving sturdily in place!

Flat black powdercoat.

For indoor or outdoor use.


3.5 H X 3.5 D = FITS STANDARD 2X4 board. Weight limit of 20 lbs

5.5 H X 5.5 D = FITS STANDARD 2X6 board. Weight limit of 30 lbs

7.25 H X 7.25 D = FITS STANDARD 2X8 board. Weight limit of 40 lbs

9.25 H X 9.25 D = FITS STANDARD 2X10 board. Weight limit of 45 lbs

11.25 H X 11.25 D = FITS STANDARD 2X12 board. Weight limit of 50 lbs

These are made from 16 gauge steel.

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